Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Westward Ho!!!!!

Albuquerque, New Mexico

It's about time I got to go somewhere instead of Tj!!!!! My person was going to Albuquerque, NM to see her niece, Anna, and I got to tag along. First stop was the hotel to get first dibs on the king size bed!!!! Ahhhhh, this is sweet!

Next we went out site seeing, this place is old! They have some weird old motels!
This was some fierce spirit!
Getting in touch with my inner Native side!
Welcome to my TP and my sqaws!!!
Like my new boots?
This is my kind of ride!
Dude, eat a sandwich!!!
I am hotter than a chili pepper!!
Time to chill with the chickies!!!! Sweeeeet!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!  I am a new born sock monkey, and I am on my way to Sweden to my new parents, Jonas & Per-Arne.  I cant wait to see what it's like in Sweden and to find out what my new name will be.  I know my new dads love Disney, and as you see, I am ready to go!  Check back to see pics of me in my new home with my new family.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kissin' Cousins

Hello out there! Tj told me I need to stop by and introduce myself. My name is Mortie, I'm Tj's cousin from Albequerqe. My human uprights, the Zacks, took me on a camping trip with them. One of their off spring, Anna, drug me around in the heat. I actually had a good time, but dont tell her that. Camping in the desert is a little different than back in the Midwest....lots of sand and no shade!! It did give me a chance to work on my tan though. Here's a few shots of our weekend. I wore those kids out, they cant keep up with me. We did a little hiking, a little swimming....good times!!

First thing was to find a campsite....I picked it out!

A little snack before I get to work.

Dont let anyone say I'm a lazy monkey, i pitched right in and got that tent set up in no time!

Peek A Boo!!! hehehe, just a little monkey buisness! The little kid, Hunter is getting slopped up with sunscreen, I'm not lettin her around me!

Finally, we get to do a little hiking. I'm leading this expedition....Anna is blonde you know, I wouldnt want to get lost out here!

Photo Op!

Dont forget to hydrate....ahhhhh!

Back at camp, time to kickback and relax.

This is what I've been waiting for! yeah baby, swimmin!

Burn baby burn!! Jackie, the mom wont like this! She's hardcore about the sun. Oh crap, i forgot to take my shoes off, what a geek. They could have at least gotten my flip flops! Anna did make me these awesome swim trunks  though. She rocks, and I'm hot.

See, I told you these human kids are whimps! I wore them out. That's Jake & Hunter.
This is the little guy, Hunter, we're pretty tight.
Well this trip is over, had a great time. But for my big news, I'm moving!! I'm heading to Florida, back to my people in Boca! I cant wait, finally some palm trees & green. It will be good to be back home. I'll try and visit again soon, you never know where my travels will take me. Bye!!!!

Love ya, Mortie

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vegas Baby!!

Well here I am in Fabulous Las Vegas awaiting the arrival of my new traveling buddies, Emmy and Matt. We are staying at the lovely MGM Signature, the staff made me very welcome whilst I waited for my friends to arrive.

I got a bit thirsty (and lonely) waiting for them, So decided to head out and get myself a little drink, a foot-long margarita should keep me going!

Finally Emmy and Matt arrived and we went out onto the strip! We played a bit in the casinos, I loved the slots, and the cocktail waitress was very attentive, and kept on bringing me drinks!!

I had a few too many Coors lights and Emmy and Matt decided it was time to go back to the room, it is a long walk back for a little monkey like me (especially after a few drinks) So I decided to sit down on the moving walkway!

I woke up with a really bad headache the next morning so told Emmy and Matt to go on without me, I needed some more sleep!

They came and got me a bit later and we headed to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch, where I had a good chat with a very, very distant relative of mine!

After filling my belly with yummy food and chatting to my new friend, I headed back to the room for another nap, and to give Emmy and Matt time to themselves, this was about 3pm.

I heard them come in at 7am.....they had been playing Blackjack til this early hour, but they came back with some winnings so I was happy!

Obviously, Emmy and Matt were tired the next day, so we all had a lazy day, relaxing and chillin', refreshing ourselves for the next day!

We got up, nicely refreshed, and went out exploring the city! We went to many casinos, and took pictures along the way, but the more we played...the more we drank, and the more we drank....the less pictures we took!

Here I am at the Luxor, I enjoyed climbing the stautes, altough some of the were a bit scary looking or too high for me to climb, Emmy helped me get onto some of them!

We also went to the other end of the strip and played at the Stratosphere, we didn't go up to the top of the tower, Matt and Emmy had done that last year!

The next day, we were booked into the Champagne Brunch at Circus Circus! It was a lovely buffet, with a choice of steak from the grill and lots of yummy desserts...oh and I nearly forgot...as much Champagne as you can handle!
The days all became a blur on this trip, but I do remember going to the Las Vegas Hilton and seeing the Elvis statue.

On the last day I got chatting to this great group of guys, they were such fun and they showed me around the town, but the camera was with Emmy and Matt, so this is the only picture I have with them!
Remember: What happens in Vegas.....Stays in Vegas!!

I met up with Emmy and Matt around 5am when they had finished playing BlackJack for the last time! Emmy then announced that we had to be up at 7am to get the bus to the airport, as you can see, I didn't find this very good news!!

Despite the very late night, we got up and caught the bus to the airport and got on our flight to Detriot, then onto London!

We arrived safely at Emmy and Matts home, and I am settling in nicely, I just have to get used to the strange accent!!

Will post my England adventures soon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm back from my Disney Cruise!!

Well kids, I'm back from my Disney cruise with the Faulconer family. Boy was that fun! I didn't even get sea sick, although those seas were pretty rough Monday night.
The Faulconer's were nice people and only took me to places where they new I would be safe. Yeah, I would have liked to play with the dolphin's in Nassau and seen Castaway Cay in person. But Traci knew that if she took me to these places there could be a chance that I might dirty my beautiful tropical outfit or get sand in places where I wouldn't really want sand, so that was good thinking on her part.
I was kind of getting tired of being in that plastic bag just waiting to join the Faulconer's on their WDW and Disney cruise. So that first night that Traci had me, she decided to take me outside her nice hotel room at Saratoga Springs to sit and enjoy the night while she smoked. Seems like I got to sit on this bench more than just once. ;-)
That next night, little did I know but the Faulconer's got to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom and left me home with this T-shirt on. Honestly, I would have liked to go to that party, but at least little Dexter shared some of his Halloween treats with me.
Even that next day when they had their friend Tom come and swim and have drinks by the pool at Saratoga, they didn't have me come with them. Again I was kind of sad, but I knew they were just thinking of me and they didn't want me too sunburned when it was time for the cruise.
So that night, I watched as they packed me into that plastic bag and packed me in their suitcases to get ready to board the Cruise bus the next morning to head over to their ship. I was a little afraid in that suitcase by myself, but soon I was rejoined by them and they even let me pick the schedule of what we would do that first full day at sea.I'll tell you, I have never in my monkey life seen a boat this big!! I just knew I had to check everything out, have drinks in the lounge and I even got to meet the Big Cheese and his gal pal!! I think Minnie may have been a bit jealous that I had a tiara and she didn't.

Traci kind of wanted a family picture with me, Perry, Dexter & Minnie, but Perry wasn't too happy about that, so she didn't end up buying the professional copy of this picture, even though I thought it was cute.

I even got to have dinner with the Faulconer's and boy was that food great!!

On Tuesday night they had a huge pirate party with a show, free pirate bandanas to wear and then fireworks from the boat. Again Traci was afraid I might get dirty or hit on by some drunk pirate, so she kept me in the room. I was there in spirit though.

Needless to say, it was probably not a good thing that they left me in the room, because their room attendant (Kerri) thought it would be funny to hang me up along side their silly towel monkey. I mean really...animals made from towels??

At least when the Faulconer's found me in this situation, they took me down immediately and let me sleep in the queen bed that night all by myself.

All in all, it was the best cruise vacation ever! Disney really does everything perfect for their guests. And now I am off to Las Vegas to meet a sweet British couple.

I love my life!!

P.S. Don't tell the Faulconers, but their really nice room attendant felt bad after the hanger thing and gave me tons of those chocolate mints and I ate them all!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Respect the Monkey!

Hi Gang!

Sorry it took me so long to write, but Lola and her family have kept me soooo busy!

Today, I want to tell you all about my adventures with the Walden Vikings at their baseball tournament in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Rehoboth Beach, for those who don't know is right off the tip of New Jersey and the Cape May ferry. We didn't take the ferry though.

I had heard of the great time that the Flamingo had when he went on the European Vacation with Lola, but no...not me...I don't get those kind of accomodations.

Games started first thing Monday Morning, and well, Lola left me behind at the house...and the boys promptly lost both games.

Tuesday morning, there I was in my place of Honor...and guess what? The boys WON both games!!! RESPECT THE MONKEY was now our battle cryThe other team sent the umpire over to make sure I wasn't some sort of cheating device.

So, I had a great time relaxing and hanging in the sun.

Lola and her family have a few other adventures planned for me, and I will write about them as I travel.

Hope everyone is well. I miss everyone in Illinois

Love <3

TJ the Monkey

This is my friend Tim...He sleeps a lot. We liked that, it meant he wasn't yelling at the umpires :)